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Every day, Ohioans are making extraordinary contributions to the communities where they live, work, and play. Learn more about the impact AmeriCorps members and volunteers have on the communities they serve, stay current on service and volunteerism trends, and be the first to know about upcoming funding opportunities, events, and special initiatives.

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Recent data released via Volunteering in America provides some insights on volunteer trends in Ohio and our three major metro areas – Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. The data explores both traditional volunteer activity, as well as, general civic and community engagement. Below are some highlights; I encourage you to view the full database online for more detail and insights.

As a state, Ohio ranks 23rd with a volunteer rate of 33.2 %; three million volunteers contributing 278 million hours of service last year. The most popular volunteer activity involves collecting, preparing and distributing food; followed by fundraising, clothing drives, general labor and youth mentoring. Ohio volunteer activity is valued at $6.7 billion utilizing the 2017 Independent Sector’s volunteer value of $24.14 per hour.

Cincinnati is Ohio’s highest-ranking city – 14th among 51 major metropolitan areas in the country – with 35.1% of residents volunteering (490,013 volunteers contributing 48.8 million hours of service). Columbus ranked 28th with 30.5% of residents volunteering (485,659 volunteers contributing 41.4 million hours of service). Cleveland ranked 29th with 30.1% of residents volunteering (539,598 volunteers contributing 48.8 million hours of service).

Volunteerism is increasing nationally and in Ohio which also translates into increased civic engagement. Active volunteers are more likely to build relationships with neighbors, participate in civic organizations, attend public meetings, vote in local elections and contribute financially to charities. In sum, being engaged leads to even more engagement – building stronger civic ties and healthier communities.

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