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Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, Outreach & Education Officer, ServeOhio

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ServeOhio Welcomes Two AmeriCorps NCCC Teams to Ohio

ServeOhio is excited to welcome two AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) teams to Ohio this fall!

What is AmeriCorps NCCC?

NCCC strengthens communities and develops leaders through a full-time, team-based, residential national service program. NCCC partners with a variety of nonprofit organizations, tribal, federal, state, and local agencies to help meet a community need that would not be fully addressed without additional assistance. Projects typically last 6-8 weeks although shorter periods are possible. Types of service NCCC teams can perform include disaster services, energy conservation, infrastructure improvement, urban and rural development, and environmental stewardship. There is no charge for labor and teams provide their own transportation, however NCCC requests sponsors provide a place for the team to sleep and shower along with assistance with food or kitchen facilities to cook on.

Ohio Projects This Fall

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio at Camp Oty'Okwa, South Bloomingville

Facilitate Environmental Education To Youth and Protect Native Species

AmeriCorps team Oak 8 will serve on this project from September 20 – November 6, 2021. Founded in 1942, Camp Oty’Okwa mission is to build children’s self-esteem, capacity for empathy, and provide them with positive, healthy adult role models. Camp Oty'Okwa provides year-round programming, serving the community in three major areas: Environmental Education, Adventure Camp, and Life Skills Camp. 

AmeriCorps NCCC has partnered with Camp Oty’Okwa to provide experiential outdoor education opportunities to local youth in elementary through high school and to facilitate weekend camp experiences with children from all around Ohio. AmeriCorps Members of the NCCC program, led by Oak 8 Team Leader Kelsie Lucas, will contribute to the goals of the project by performing activities such as leading educational hikes at Camp Oty’Okwa in topics such as stream ecology, forest ecology, geology, cultural history, wildlife study, and orienteering. Oak 8 may also visit local schools to provide onsite hands-on learning experiences, such as facilitating team-building initiatives, leading a talk with an education animal ambassador, and providing afterschool enrichment activities. Additionally, Oak 8 will assist with protecting native species around camp and other camp improvement tasks. The project is expected to benefit Columbus and Southeastern Ohio communities by meeting a need for high quality, supplemental educational experiences for local youth. Being at camp provides children with many growth opportunities as they navigate new experiences. Many children who attend camp have spent little time in a forest or away from home, and at camp children expand their comfort level and practice their social skills while overcoming obstacles with their peers. In addition to facilitating learning opportunities, Oak 8 will serve as role models and expose local youth to people from outside the region, which will expand their view of the world. Members will gain a range of facilitation, education, and lesson planning skills while serving on this project in addition to learning how to manage youth and environmental knowledge.


Ohio Association of Foodbanks - Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Cleveland

Prepare and Distribute Food due to Impacts of COVID-19

AmeriCorps team Cedar 4 will serve on this project from September 20 – November 6, 2021. The mission of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks is to support its 12 member foodbanks in providing food and other resources to people in need and to pursue areas of common interest for the benefit of people in need. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank (GCFB) is one of the association's member foodbanks, serving 6 northeastern Ohio counties. The GCFB's mission is to ensure that everyone in their communities has the nutritious food they need every day.

AmeriCorps NCCC has partnered with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks to help Ohio's emergency hunger relief network maintain its critical response to the food security crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and related economic recession. This partnership includes the GCFB to meet the emergency food needs of families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. AmeriCorps Members of the NCCC program, led by Cedar 4 Team Leader Stewart Holler, will contribute to the goals of the project by performing activities such as preparing ready-to-eat meals, packing boxes and bags of food, assisting with cardboard recycling, and sorting donated and procured food items. The project is expected to ensure GCFB can continue to respond to the unprecedented need for emergency food assistance safely and efficiently while coping with pandemic conditions. GCFB has seen reduced access to volunteers, including corporate groups and seniors at-risk of serious illness from the novel coronavirus, as well as alarming rates of food insecurity and the GCFB and the hungry people it serves will benefit from the onsite service and support of full-time AmeriCorps NCCC Members. The GCFB estimates that Cedar 4 will sort or pack roughly 75,000 pounds of food per week, assist with the preparation of 10,000 meals per week, and provide support for direct drive-through food distribution to an estimated 1,800-2,000 households each week. Members will gain knowledge and awareness on food security issues facing the community and nation. The team will also gain knowledge on basic warehouse and logistic operations.

Interesting in Hosting an NCCC Team At Your Organization?

The AmeriCorps NCCC’s 2022 Request for Proposals will be released later this fall. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Jeff Moeur at or 319-472-9664x49.

Want to become a member of AmeriCorps NCCC?

NCCC is an incredible opportunity to introduce adventure into your life, strengthen communities, and become a leader. For more information and to apply, click here.


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