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Every day, Ohioans are making extraordinary contributions to the communities where they live, work, and play. Learn more about the impact AmeriCorps members and volunteers have on the communities they serve, stay current on service and volunteerism trends, and be the first to know about upcoming funding opportunities, events, and special initiatives.

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AmeriCorps is considered the “domestic Peace Corps” with roots dating back to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  Now, this people-power resource is deployed through a variety of avenues including a state’s service commission. The Ohio Commission on Service and Volunteerism (ServeOhio) administers AmeriCorps state grants through partnerships with local organizations.

Partners engage community residents as AmeriCorps members to deliver activities in response to a locally identified need.  AmeriCorps members provide youth education, health and well-being activities for seniors, employment coaching with young adults and environmental improvements, just to name a few examples.  Partners gain an increase in capacity to meet their mission while members gain professional development and specialized training. 

Is this too good to be true? Not at all!  But, if you are thinking of applying, consider the following:

  • AmeriCorps is a federal grant which requires detailed tracking and reporting elements
  • Displacing current staff and/or volunteers with AmeriCorps members is not allowed
  • Grants are not for individual member placements
  • AmeriCorps members succeed with comprehensive training and consistent direction

To find out if an Ohio AmeriCorps grant is right for your organization, explore the current Ohio programs or contact Mary Cannon, Director of AmeriCorps, for more information about how AmeriCorps can get things done in your community. 

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