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Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, Outreach & Education Officer, ServeOhio

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AmeriCorps Week 2019!

AmeriCorps Week 2019 is here!  For those organizations that support and benefit from having AmeriCorps members serve with them, they already know the impact and importance of AmeriCorps Service.  This week is designed to spread the word and share those impact stories.  AmeriCorps Week engages Members, Program Host Sites, Program Staff, Service Recipients, AmeriCorps Alumni, local Community Leaders and Elected Officials to come together and serve side by side or participate in an informational event highlighting how service impacts our communities.

There are various ways to get involved!  One way is by hosting an “AmeriCorps Member for a Day” event where local community members, elected officials and other constituents are invited to serve side by side with current AmeriCorps members.  The new Members for a Day are given some AmeriCorps Gear, prominently displaying the famous “A” and are set off on their day of service!  The day can involve regular service activities or special projects designed for the participants.  Projects can involve roadside clean up in-front of the host site organization or other local sites, packaging meals at a local food pantry, trail clean up at a local park or nature center, the options are limitless!  The important thing is to document the event and share the good work with your community.

Another way to spread the word is to highlight specific AmeriCorps Member stories throughout the week.  Maybe you ask members and alumni to share their favorite memory from AmeriCorps or share how service changed their life!  Often former members speak about how their service impacted not just their communities but also how it sparked change inside themselves.  Invite alumni to share their Great Stories and how service helped them with their career and continuing education.  You can also post fun facts about AmeriCorps around your organization – on bulletin boards, websites, newsletters, etc.

Many of us are familiar with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), so AmeriCorps Week even has it’s own hashtags!  When sharing your events and impact stories be sure to use the following hashtags: #MadeInAmeriCorps #DayoftheA #AmeriCorps. Also, be sure to tag @AmeriCorps !

For more resources, visit the Corporation for National and Community Service’s website here.

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