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AmeriCorps Mentors for Success

AmeriCorps Mentors for Success members serve as near-peer mentors for middle and high school students in Central Ohio (Franklin, Delaware, Union, and Ross Counties). At the end of the program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible for increased school attendance and academic performance for students served. In addition, the AmeriCorps members will leverage 20 volunteers who will be engaged in Global Youth Service Day activities to get community members involved in volunteering. AmeriCorps Mentors for Success is run by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio.

Members often share their impactful stories. We hope these stories will inspire you!

"I have a student who has consistently been suspended for fighting since middle school. Now as a high school freshman he's been suspended twice already and it has only been the first quarter. I came across this student by accident because he was sent to the principals office but he mistook my office for the principals office. So this student began to tell me his story, why he was in trouble. After hearing him I began to discuss with him ways to avoid confrontation. After our initial discussion I asked my supervisor to put him on my caseload. I met with this student once a week and we talked about making good decisions and how to respond differently to escalated situations. Now in the 2nd quarter this student has had zero altercations, his teachers are seeing an improvement in his behavior in class, and he has mostly A's and B's with only one D (which he working hard to improve). I am very proud of this student and believe his future will be bright."


"During one mentoring meeting, I was helping a student fill out a goal worksheet. Often, while working on our worksheets, students will begin to talk about things they're struggling with in their lives. The student began telling me about her worries about her father and sister, her job, and her boyfriend. While she talked, I just listened. She was extremely responsible and resilient, and it was clear she was trying so hard to balance everything in her life. While listening, I gave her words of affirmation about her strength and character for getting through this. I was so impressed by her efforts. While she was leaving, the student turned to me, and said 'I wanted to thank you for listening to me. My mom passed away recently, and since she's been gone I haven't had anyone to talk to about these things. I've been trying so hard with everything, and I just needed someone to tell me they were proud of me.' As an AmeriCorps Mentor, I am so grateful for the chance to be there for my students. Every child deserves to hear encouragement and words of affirmation, especially when they're going through difficult circumstances. I am so proud of each student I work with, and want to make sure they know it every day."


Learn more about AmeriCorps in Ohio here.


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