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Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, Outreach & Education Officer, ServeOhio


AmeriCorps Members Continue To Serve Ohio’s Students

On the heels of school starting across the state, it is a good time to showcase how Ohio AmeriCorps members will continue their work supporting Ohio’s K-12 students.  Fourteen education-focused AmeriCorps programs will engage hundreds of individuals to creatively connect with students to support them academically, emotionally, and socially.

For example, AmeriCorps Mentors for Success members and staff have spent hours researching and training on virtual learning and mentoring.  And many more hours communicating with school personnel about how the members, teachers and staff can work together to ensure success for their students.  They know the students need them now more than ever.

The Ohio Reading and Math Corps program has many members returning for another year of service. The members reported an “un-finished” sense of service when schools closed last year.  Now, they will be able to virtually return to their schools and students to provide extra one-on-one literacy, math and emotional support.

AmeriCorps members with Project BEAR at Shawnee State University can re-engage their early readers with online book readings, virtual literacy activities and live video calls to keep the families engaged.  One local parent said the activities for her preschooler and first grader were highlights of their spring. Members are excited to launch the activities this fall.

University of Dayton Community Corps members will continue supporting Dayton’s students thanks to the ongoing partnership with Dayton Metro Libraries.  While the number of available tutoring hours will be reduced for health safeguards, the services will be safely provided with precautions in place.

Service, like so many things, will look very different this fall.  But AmeriCorps members from all over the state have stepped up to the challenge and will continue to spark that love of education with Ohio’s students. 

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