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AmeriCorps Member Profile: Horizon Education Centers

Caitlin Cicero is a second year AmeriCorps member serving with the HEC-Family Engagement AmeriCorps program.  She currently serves with the Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten Readiness program where she coordinates playgroups, other special events and resources for families in the HEC family.  Below, Caitlin reflects on the impact service has had on her for the past two years.

“My desire to serve really started when I was unsure about which direction I wanted to take with my career. I was working in the finance department of Horizon Education Centers and I wanted a more hands-on job in the community.  From a young age I dreamed about joining the Peace Corps and traveling the world to help the people who were struggling in third world countries. When I heard about the AmeriCorps opportunity with Horizon Education Centers, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a program that was working to solve complex problems right here in my hometown.

My service has, in all honesty, been completely life changing for me. I have grown immensely both personally and professionally. Being able to get experience in social services helped me to realize that I didn’t want to stop helping after my service was over, and that I was ready to pursue a degree in Social Work. In addition to deciding to pursue a degree and experiencing personal growth and maturity, I have had so many professional development experiences that I sometimes can’t believe I have accomplished so much in just two years of service. I am a CPR/First Aid Instructor with the American Red Cross, I am a Triple P Positive Parenting Program Provider, and I am currently participating in a year-long quality improvement training to become a Collaborative Improvement Advisor in my community. As I finish up my second term of service, I am so thankful and grateful that I was given the opportunity to dedicate two years of my life to the service of others.”

Caitlin Cicero, Horizon Education Centers, Family Engagement

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