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AmeriCorps Member Impact: City Year Cleveland

As the school year is ending for many students and teachers in Ohio, some AmeriCorps programs that focus on education will be wrapping up their service years, too.  City Year strives to support students to stay in school and stay on track to graduate from local public schools.  In Ohio, we are fortunate to have two City Year programs serving in Columbus and Cleveland schools.  While working with students from the first day to the last day of school, City Year strives to mentor students to increase attendance and provide tutoring in English Language Arts and Math.  Members are trained in a variety of tutoring techniques that align with school district standards.  City Year members are assigned a group of students that have been identified by school administrators and teachers as needing additional intervention time during the school day.  So far City Year Cleveland members have served 225 students in English Language Arts and 220 students in Math!

Below is a story from a member who is serving in his second year with City Year Cleveland as a Team Leader at his school, East Technical High School.  He reflects on how the mentoring relationship he has developed with a student has allowed him to provide additional academic support in preparation for state required testing.

“One of my students is on our math focus list and came into the 9th grade performing math at about a 5th grade level. She frequently struggles in her Algebra class to keep up with the work, causing her to have low confidence in herself when she goes to that class. I often keep my 8th period, her algebra class, free so that I can go to the classroom and give her one-on-one support.

After several weeks of setting goals with her, having conversations with her teacher, and tutoring her in math in was apparent that she was steadily improving. She has become a regular in the City Year room during lunch, working on whatever math work she had that day.

Last week was the second round of NWEA testing, the test that gauges our students' proficiency in math and reading. I had several conversations with this student about the test to try to give her a confidence boost going into it. During those conversations she told me how nervous she was about taking the test, and even asked me to sit with her while she took it. I sat with her for two periods while she went through the test, looking at me after every question for reassurance. Unfortunately, I could not be there during the last day she took the test.

When I returned to school on Monday, she came up to me just laughing and smiling. Naturally, the first question I asked her was how she did on the test. She said, "Mr. Collin I passed my goal by four points!" I was ecstatic, this meant that she had improved by the equivalent of about two grade levels from when she previously took the test. The best thing about it was seeing how happy she was with herself, and her newfound confidence in all her classes.”

-Colin Huth, City Year member serving in Cleveland.

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