AmeriCorps Funding


ServeOhio provides grants to organizations that demonstrate they will engage AmeriCorps members to provide a service intervention that addresses a critical need in Ohio. We offer two funding competitions each year - a formula funding competition in the spring and a competitive funding competition in the fall. 


Current Funding Available

FY2021 Ohio AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity 
Application Deadline: April 7, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. EST

Technical Assistance and Application Resources 

For general questions about AmeriCorps grants, please contact Mary Cannon, Director of AmeriCorps.

Archive materials from previous Notice of Funding Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: ServeOhio does not place individual AmeriCorps members with organizations. ServeOhio provides competitive grants for programs to design, implement, and manage a state AmeriCorps program. It is the responsibility of the successful grantee to recruit and manage AmeriCorps members.  

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Community/Regional/Statewide
  • Faith-based
  • Secular


  • State/County/Local
  • Education
  • Districts, Collaborative, Higher Education

Q. Does my program fit into a CNCS AmeriCorps Funding Priority?

  • Education
  • Veterans and Military Families
  • Disaster Services
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Healthy Futures

Q. What grants are available?

  • Planning Grant - Utilize resources to develop an AmeriCorps program which will engage AmeriCorps members to address community needs in CNCS and/or ServeOhio priority areas. Planning grants are only available in the spring (Formula) grant competition.
  • Operational Grant – Sound program design and implementation strategy identified; clearly articulated member responsibilities, activities, training, supervision, evaluation, organizational history and capacity, sustainability plans, and fund management.
  • Fixed-Amount – grantees will receive an award for specific amount per Member Service Year (MSY); no match required and no approved budget. New applicants are not eligible to apply for a Fixed-Amount grant.
  • Education Award Program (EAP) – awarded a small funding grant and uses their own resources for the members’ living allowance and program costs.

Q. Is AmeriCorps the right fit?

Run the numbers:

  • Does my organization have the organizational, technological and fiscal capacity to manage a federal grant?
  • Does my organization have the resources to match the federal funds (cash and in-kind)? Review the Overall Minimum Match Chart here.
  • Does my organization have the resources to manage a program for 30-60 days before receiving reimbursement?
  • Can my organization support, at minimum, 10 Member Service Years (MSY)? 1 MSY equals 1 full-time (FT) term of service for 1700 hours.

Secure Commitments

  • Receive commitment letters from organizations willing to partner for an AmeriCorps program (these are for organizational use only, not for submitting with the grant application).

Do the Research

  • Does my organization address compelling needs in education, veterans/military families, disaster services, economic opportunities, environmental stewardship, healthy futures or capacity building?
  • Would this program support my organization’s mission and strategic plan or the needs of my community?

Meet with Potential Partners

  • Will this program offer services not already offered in the community?
  • Are there other community organizations wanting an AmeriCorps program or an existing AmeriCorps program in my community?

Q. What is AmeriCorps selection criteria?

Program Design

  • Evidence that identify needs exist in targeted communities;
  • AmeriCorps is adding unique value;
  • Interventions are evidence-based or evidence-informed with measurable community impact;
  • Provides powerful service experience with increased community impact;
  • Links need with intervention and anticipated outcomes.

Organizational Capability

  • Sound organizational structure;
  • Ability to ensure compliance with AmeriCorps rules and regulations;
  • Record of accomplishment as an organization;
  • Success in securing community support.

Cost-Effectiveness & Budget Adequacy 

  • Aligned with program narrative;
  • Does not exceed maximum cost per MSY.